Carol Silldorff


Carol has had a deep love and admiration of color, nature, and animals since childhood. She is a professional artist with a passion to share her love of animals and nature through art. Carol’s art reflects her fascination, love, and curiosity of the natural world and animals. Her compositions accentuate light with mood and depth to express her connection to the subject matter.

Born in the Midwest and having lived many years in the Northeast, Carol now lives in the Colorado mountains where she finds painting to be an especially magical experience. While her professional background includes a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management, Carol later studied art at Schuler School of Fine Art and at Zoll Studio in Maryland. Carol has fostered and adopted numerous dogs, is a master gardener, an avid bicyclist, and snowshoes and hikes regularly. Her artwork is influenced by these outdoor experiences.

“When painting, I feel the love of the animal or landscape I am painting. I work to capture this essense in my paintings. Our incredible natural environment brings me deep feelings of gratitude and inspiration.” Carol donates 10% of proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

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