Amelia Bajko

Amelia Bajko (Amy) grew up in the countryside just south of Medina, Ohio.  Her mother, Teresa Keiper Martin, a very gifted artist in her own right, loved all types of creative arts.    Her father’s mother, Veo Jackson Martin, was a talented self-taught artist who worked primarily in pastels. Amy began drawing and painting as a child imitating her Mom.  She drew and painted murals in the hallways of her elementary school, as well as illustrating bulletin boards in her school’s class rooms.  While attending Medina High School, she illustrated a booklet of short stories and poetry written by her English Literature class. As a young adult, she earned a degree in accounting and eventually became a CPA after earning a master’s degree in taxation. After retiring from a successful accounting career, Amy’s interest returned to art-making and she undertook study through the Yarnell School of Fine Art where she learned formal principles of painting from an accomplished instructor. Amy, primarily an acrylic painter, reveres the, majesty, serenity and mystery of the world around her. She seeks to convey in her art, the beauty and emotion that life’s experiences invoke within each of us.  Amy resides happily at her beautiful home in Grafton Ohio with her loving husband of 24 years, Dennis Bajko. Their charming house sits up on a hill, is surrounded on all sides by lovely gardens filled with many varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees and backs up to a beautiful parkland filled with hardwoods and an ancient oak tree that rests nearby the winding Black River.

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