Belvedere’s New Clay Room

Wow, I just looked back and it’s been almost a year since I last sat down and posted. So much has happened here at Belvedere over the past year! We opened a new space (the clayroom) in the back of our studio/workshop where we now have five potters wheels, a slab roller, our pugmill and all sorts of hand tools. We have increased parking out back and we have a wonderful summertime outdoor space that will allow us to enjoy working outside when weather permits!

Detail of Tiffany Glass Lamp Shade in the Cleveland Museum of Art Exhibition

The spring and summer came and went so quickly. Bob and I made a trip to New York and Ohio to visit family and we did enjoy really pretty autumn leaves in Ohio. I loved the smell of Fall in air and the cooler days after the summer’s heat. We also had a chance to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art where we took in an exhibit of Tiffany Glass which was just exquisite and so inspiring!

Fresh picked figs from our dome tree

Back home here in Colorado, the growing dome has pretty much reached “the end” for this year’s plantings. Our fig tree produced two nice crops and our neighbors Janice and Tom Maker were kind enough to take a good number of figs off our hands and Janice made several jars of yummy fig preserve AND gave us some of the finished product!


Every fall – one of my favorite things is to watch the cottonwoods down by the river change color. I know that when they change, it won’t be much longer before the colder weather sets in. I do like the winter. It’s a time to settle-in and make things for the next season. I like the stillness and the way things go inward and incubate in preparation for new life in the coming season.  I need that – we all need that.

Cottonwood Trees in Chromo