Curtis Door / Curtis Door Fine Clayworks

I’m originally from west Michigan, now living full time in Pagosa Springs, I studied art at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, with emphasis in photography and ceramics. It was pretty apparent early on that photography would steer my career path, which turned out to be a wonderful, fulfilling choice. However, I never lost the desire to work in clay and was finally able to pick it back up again in 2007.
Working in clay offers endless creative challenges and possibilities and I enjoy experimenting with and introducing some natural and some man-made components other than clay into my work. In fact, my wife Candace and I have been working on a few pieces together, combining her fabric techniques with the stoneware.
I am definitely not a production potter, but would rather consider myself a craftsman. I would be bored (quickly) and frustrated trying to produce many “identical” pieces and therefore, with few exceptions, every piece I make is unique and one-of-a-kind.
My work is all made with commercially available clay bodies and pre-mixed glazes that are sprayed onto the bisque fired work. The pieces are then glaze fired in oxidation in an electric kiln to cone 5.5 (2200 degrees).
Phone: (308) 249-2514


Mark Epstein / Epstein Clayworks

I’m the type of person that gets bored easily.  I’m in constant search for the balance we need to live these lives.   I have been playing in clay for over 35 years and have not gotten tired of the quest.   What I love about the material most is that it’s the great imitator, it allows you to express your greatest feelings and emotions, mimic, emulate or even mock the tactile surfaces that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  That’s why I love working with the soft textured slabs of clay.  It allows me an opportunity to exploit the plasticity so inherent to the material.  I enjoy the play between the textures and the rich colors in the layering of the high fire glazes. 
I work in groups or series of pieces.  This allows me the opportunity to work through variations in proportion, and focus on dynamics of form.  Each series of work is the research for the next body of work.
There are no identical pieces; each has its own unique identity. Like a family, the groups have similarities in feature, but retain their own independence.  I use function as a starting point, but aesthetics will win out over functionality every time.
As I review my work I find it a quiet reflection of inner self. It is a reminder that the work reflects my mental evolution, displaying the environment mixed with the humor and excitement we crave.
Phone: (214) 770-3085