Kat with Belvedere Arts, here! As I studied Puffs Plus Lotion tissue boxes at the grocery store, deciding which package to buy based on which had the prettiest box, I was struck by how beauty has begun to spread into most facets of our lives. Most tools that once existed as purely utilitarian can now be found in whatever color, motif, or animal-likeness that we want! Ceramic products excel in delivering on gorgeous, useful products due to the durability and adjustability of the medium. As a ceramic art studio, we are happy to explore and present new options for your home’s needs; from kitchen utensils to garden accessories; from wall adornments to soap dishes; from coasters to candle holders!

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite ceramic products in my home, a spoon rest that lives on my stove top. I try (try being the operative word, here!) to keep kitchen surfaces clear of unnecessary items. My spoon rest lives 24/7 on the stove, though. Every time I see it, it makes me smile. I picked out one from our giftshop that I thought would make both me and my husband happy. It has a metallic, dark-glazed top and the underside is glazed a light turquoise. When you see the bottom of the form from across the room, it is a happy, bright pop of color peeking out. The top is quiet and keeps the stove from looking cluttered, which is good because my counters are not going to win any clutter-free awards this week.


If you have never had one, spoon rests can be a bit of a game changer when it comes to keeping your cooktop clean. Kitchen tools do need to prove their worth before I invite them into my home, though. For years I would put a little saucer on the stove when I was cooking…and often would make more of splattery mess when the handle rolled off the edge. One of the things that I like about the Belvedere spoon rest design is the small footprint and the simple dip in the edge that means no fussing trying to balance the handle on a ledge.






A little bit of ceramic art here and there goes a long way for putting happiness in my heart and home. The functionality of our spoon rests will mean beauty without clutter, too! You can find your own unique spoon rest at our gift shop or on our webstore. If you have a design or aesthetic in mind that you don’t find in stock, call to inquire about special ordering.