Theresa Shepherd

Creating art has been a huge part of Theresa’s life. From early childhood to the present, creating art was what she was meant to do.

Over 20 years ago she began painting in watercolor and her passion for painting in this medium has only increased. She also has a huge passion for teaching and has spent the last 7 years teaching classes as well as private and semi-private lessons. Theresa believes there is nothing more rewarding than sharing her love of art and seeing others get excited about painting in watercolor too.

Theresa was born in Colorado, has lived in Virginia the past 36 years, but spent most summers in Colorado. She moved to Chromo, CO permanently in 2018.

During her time in Virginia, she became a signature member of the Virginia Watercolor Society, a member of the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, and juried member of the James River Art League. She has been juried into numerous watercolor shows, as well as being awarded The Jurors Choice Award in the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild Annual Show. She also received the Award of Distinction in the Virginia Watercolor Society Annual Show. Theresa is a current member of the Colorado Watercolor Society.

She was honored to have been accepted in the national publications, The Best of Watercolor Splash 15, which publishes once a year. She was again accepted in The Best of Watercolor Splash 17.

Living in the mountains has always been a dream for her, surrounded by the natural beauty that abounds. Never running out of ideas, Theresa believes she has enough paintings to paint for three lifetimes.

Carol Silldorff


Carol has had a deep love and admiration of color, nature, and animals since childhood. She is a professional artist with a passion to share her love of animals and nature through art. Carol’s art reflects her fascination, love, and curiosity of the natural world and animals. Her compositions accentuate light with mood and depth to express her connection to the subject matter.

Born in the Midwest and having lived many years in the Northeast, Carol now lives in the Colorado mountains where she finds painting to be an especially magical experience. While her professional background includes a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management, Carol later studied art at Schuler School of Fine Art and at Zoll Studio in Maryland. Carol has fostered and adopted numerous dogs, is a master gardener, an avid bicyclist, and snowshoes and hikes regularly. Her artwork is influenced by these outdoor experiences.

“When painting, I feel the love of the animal or landscape I am painting. I work to capture this essense in my paintings. Our incredible natural environment brings me deep feelings of gratitude and inspiration.” Carol donates 10% of proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

Phone: (410)960-6493

Donna Nelson
Visionary Art: Watercolor & India Ink Mandalas

My watercolor and India ink designs are painted using symbols, patterns and configurations of mysterious theories and esoteric ideas sometimes based on obscure, arcane principles. Some patterns simply tell the narrative and legends that make up our lives, others reflect traditions and stories that are part of our history.

Many years ago when I first began showing my work in fairs and shows people come up to me and told me a number of times that I was painting mandalas. I never heard the word before but eventually I came to realize that was exactly what I was doing.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle and can be a representation of the cosmos. Mandalas are usually in the form of a concentric pattern and can include geometric shapes. A mandala can be a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the journey of discovery of the soul.

Over the years the patterns have become more complex, intricate, and evolved, from divine ideas that flow to the center and then beyond to the source. Inspiration comes to me in many ways, some symbols and patterns known to me, others unknown, as though a cryptic message needed to be passed on and put on paper, creating a ripple effect.

Lofty thoughts and concepts for sure, but fascinating to question, examine, and reflect on mysterious and profound ideas.

Charla Ellis / DuttonCreek
Watercolor & Ink, Photography, Ceramics

All of my art is inspired by the natural world. My muse is nature. I must go into the wild occasionally to be refreshed in order to create. It brings me closer to the creator. I fear we are losing our connection with our natural world. My hope is that thorough my art, which brings the outside in, people will be motivated to go and be in nature. Leaves and Trees, Flowers and Birds… these are my motifs. You can find many of the images and plants in my artwork here in this area ~ my home of 43 years!

DuttonCreek on Facebook


Cheryl Crane / CB Crane Fine Art

Glass & Mixed Media Artist

For Cheryl Crane, art is a journey of self-discovery – a reflection of her experience with life, nature, and the spirit in all things. Her work can be raw and organic, or soft and vulnerable – evoking a sense of the feminine in the world.

Cheryl is a glass artist working with fused, slumped, and hand-painted warm glass. Each piece she creates begins with a heartfelt inspiration from nature. Once the imagery and form are set, the technical process begins. Cheryl hand cuts each shape from a sheet of glass and uses a special fusible paint to add minute details, bringing life to each piece. Next, through layering various sizes and colors of crushed glass (frit) and firing each piece several times at high temperatures, color, pattern, and depth emerge. The result is an image that embodies the spirit of the subject matter. Some pieces are further embellished with semi-precious stones, crystals, and various elements from nature, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art. 


Chris Pierce / Pagosa Woodworks

As a musician and arborist for over 25 years, the worlds of art and science seem to merge at the wood lathe for me. Both the natural symmetry and the chaos that is embodied in the life of a tree can be revealed in the stories of splendid good grace and tragic catastrophic events. I try to demonstrate the drama inside, which will allow the tree to speak for itself.

Many pieces have been turned from wood I select and collect from clients’ projects. The recycling of wood destined for the fireplace into a work of art has proven rewarding to both the client and the tree, providing a real connection with the hidden natural beauty growing all around us.



Diane Wenzel / Designs by Diane
Mixed-Media Artist

A self-taught recycle artist for over 30 years, Diane moved to Pagosa Springs from New Jersey in 2015. A mixed-media artist, her current work is themed-mobiles using faceted crystals and glass beads to interact with sunlight. In addition to her “illuminated art,” Diane’s passion is multi-colored sconces, beaded lamp shades and the detailed application of metal onto wood in various forms, such as primitive signs, oversized fish and angel art.





Jane Schur
Jewelry Artist







Nancy Green
Jewelry Artist & Silversmith

Stones speak to me! I love the diversity of colors, textures and energies. Many stones are found in just one location in the world! All this uniqueness took millions of years to form, and I am awed that such a variety of colorful gems formed in the Earth’s crust! Mother Nature is truly amazing.

With such respect for those stones, I handpick every one and showcase them in my one-of-a-kind pieces.

I am pleased that my customers really wear my jewelry and am grateful that they purchase from me year after year.



Paula Jo Miller
Contemporary Abstract Artist

Paula Jo Miller is a contemporary abstract artist living in beautiful Pagosa Springs, CO. Formerly a non-profit consultant, she retired in Pagosa to pursue her passion for painting and teaching.

Paula Jo comes from a long line of remarkable female artists. The finest was her Mother who took her first painting lesson at age 60. That courage inspired Paula Jo to create her series of interactive art classes where both kids and adults can learn abstract techniques and work with a variety of painting styles, tools, and textures – all in a judgment-free space.

Paula Jo exhibits in solo and group shows around the country, often benefitting charitable organizations, for which she is passionate. Her work hangs in numerous galleries, businesses, and in the homes of private collectors. She is a founding board member and secretary/treasurer of the Pagosa Springs Arts Council, as well as Beyond Words, Int’l. She serves on the advisory board for Dog Lodge Sanctuary in Houston, Texas. Paula Jo also volunteers with numerous community organizations, including Humane Society of Pagosa Springs, Rise Above Violence, Rock the Vote, Seeds of Learning, and others.

Paula Jo is grateful to be a part of the talented exhibitors in the beautiful Belvedere Gallery.