Chris Pierce / Pagosa Woodworks

As a musician and arborist for over 25 years, the worlds of art and science seem to merge at the wood lathe for me. Both the natural symmetry and the chaos that is embodied in the life of a tree can be revealed in the stories of splendid good grace and tragic catastrophic events. I try to demonstrate the drama inside, which will allow the tree to speak for itself.

Many pieces have been turned from wood I select and collect from clients’ projects. The recycling of wood destined for the fireplace into a work of art has proven rewarding to both the client and the tree, providing a real connection with the hidden natural beauty growing all around us.



Charla Ellis / DuttonCreek
Artist featuring Watercolors

All of my art is inspired by the natural world. My muse is nature. I must go into the wild occasionally to be refreshed in order to create. It brings me closer to the creator. I fear we are losing our connection with our natural world. My hope is that thorough my art, which brings the outside in, people will be motivated to go and be in nature. Leaves and Trees, Flowers and Birds… these are my motifs. You can find many of the images and plants in my art work here in this area ~ my home of 43 years!

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Diane Wenzel / Designs by Diane
Mixed-Media Artist

A self-taught recycle artist for over 30 years, Diane moved to Pagosa Springs from New Jersey in 2015. A mixed-media artist, her current work is themed-mobiles using faceted crystals and glass beads to interact with sunlight. In addition to her “illuminated art,” Diane’s passion is multi-colored sconces, beaded lamp shades and the detailed application of metal onto wood in various forms, such as primitive signs, oversized fish and angel art.

At Belvedere, Diane features three mobiles (pictured right) entitled “Trout Fish Mobile,” “The Ancient White Buffalo” and “Bottoms Up.”



Cheryl Crane / CB Crane Fine Art

Glass & Mixed Media Artist

For Cheryl Crane, art is a journey of self-discovery – a reflection of her experience with life, nature and the spirit in all things. Her work can be raw and organic, or soft and vulnerable – evoking a sense of the feminine in the world.

Cheryl is a glass artist working with fused, slumped and hand-painted warm glass. Each piece she creates begins with a heartfelt inspiration from nature. Once the imagery and form are set, the technical process begins. Cheryl hand cuts each shape from a sheet of glass and uses a special fusible paint to add minute details, bringing life to each piece. Next, through layering various sizes and colors of crushed glass (frit) and firing each piece several times at high temperatures, color, pattern, and depth emerge. The result is an image that embodies the spirit of the subject matter. Some pieces are further embellished with semi-precious stones, crystals, and various elements from nature, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art.