Our mission is to build a community that unites artists with the public by creating opportunities for art and artists to come out of hidden spaces and into the gallery.

Susan Martin-Serra is the founder and principal artist at Belvedere Arts.  Susan began her career in ceramics while studying at California State University at Fullerton where she earned an MA in Illustration and MFA in Ceramics. During those years Susan worked as a freelancer creating designs for a prominent California tile manufacturer. She has studied in Florence, Italy and continues taking selected workshops and classes to further her knowledge and skills. She has taught ceramics at the college level and continues teaching through Belvedere’s Apprenticeship Program, workshops, classes and private instruction.



Brianna Kramer is an artist at Belvedere, assisting in all facets of studio and gallery operation, design and production. She holds a BA in Studio Arts from the University of South Florida and teaches children’s and beginning level classes at the Belvedere studio.




Kat Green is a gallery assistant and artist at Belvedere. She designs and paints mugs and other items for the gift shop and is also the voice of Belvedere on our Facebook page. Kat studied graphic design and studio art at Michigan State University before moving to Colorado.




Emily Horst is our newest member; she joined Belvedere as an apprentice in September, 2018. She will be spending most of her time at Belvedere’s Chromo location creating ceramic art for our gift shop and Gallery, but she will spend at least one day per week in the Pagosa Springs location learning gallery practices, as well as art-teaching skills. Emily earned her BFA earlier this year at University of Toledo in Northwestern Ohio. Her degree focus is Art History, Ceramics, Painting and Sculpture. Emily enjoys the outdoors and also holds a Certificate of Urban Agriculture and Sustainability. Welcome to Belvedere Emily!