Wow, it’s been almost a year since we opened our Gallery/Workshop in Pagosa Springs; our anniversary is coming up next month in September. The time goes so fast when you stay as busy as we have and finding time for our own art-making is always a challenge. When we have a chance to take a little time to get away and refresh, see new places and things and just have the opportunity to reflect, it makes a big difference in terms of our creative energy. A couple weeks ago Bob and I visited the Denver Botanical Gardens with family members where we saw wonderful displays of beautiful, colorful plants and listened to the music of long time favorite group, the Gypsy Kings. It was a beautiful warm evening under the stars and we relaxed, took in the fabulous sounds and sights and just had a great time. The “take away” is of course a good bit of inspiration, both visual and emotional that will surely translate into new work that will soon be happening!